Victim Statement by Chairman Moore

Post Date:01/21/2016 12:53 PM

Victim Statement by Gregg Moore for
Larry Lokken Sentencing Hearing
Case No. 2015CF486

January 21, 2016

Thank you, Your Honor, for this opportunity. My name is Gregg Moore, and I serve as Chair of the Eau Claire County Board of Supervisors. I am absolutely furious with Larry Lokken, and I am totally disgusted by the crimes he committed. I believe all the citizens of Eau Claire County share my anger and disgust.

Public trust and confidence is a core requirement for a healthy representative democracy. Eau Claire County staff and elected officials strive every day to provide excellent services to County citizens, and to earn their trust and confidence. Larry Lokken has, arguably, committed the worst violation of public trust in the history of Eau Claire County. As the long-time elected County Treasurer, a constitutional office, his crimes of theft and misconduct in office are truly horrendous.

There are many victims in this case. The government of Eau Claire County had hundreds of thousands of dollars stolen over an extended period of time. Some taxpayers had their hard earned money diverted from public purposes to Mr. Lokken’s personal use. Voters who elected Mr. Lokken to office for more than 36 years were victimized by his deception. And the citizens of Eau Claire County were victimized by his violation of the public trust.

I believe a significant prison sentence is appropriate punishment for Mr. Lokken. The crimes he committed justify a lengthy period of incarceration. I also think a sincere apology by Mr. Lokken would help repair the harm he has done to the community and promote healing that is often called “restorative justice.”

Equally important is the matter of restitution. I expect Mr. Lokken to take responsibility for his crimes and do all that he can to repay Eau Claire County for the stolen money. I ask the Court to order restitution of $681,847, which includes the $625,758 of stolen funds documented in the criminal complaint plus $56,089 for the County’s out-of-pocket expenses for a forensic audit, insurance deductible and other related items.

Public service is an honorable and important calling for citizens in our community. I worry that Mr. Lokken’s crimes may foster public cynicism about government and discourage good, civic-minded individuals from choosing public service – whether as a career employee or as an elected representative.

Finally, as Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. once wrote, “Taxes are what we pay for a civilized society.” Because of the importance of tax revenue for our society, Larry Lokken’s past decisions – to steal and conspire to steal taxpayers’ money – are simply reprehensible.

Thank you, Your Honor, for considering my comments.

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