Mission Statement / Departmental Purpose
The mission of the Information Systems Department is to provide and support information technology in an effective, accurate and timely manner that meets the needs of Eau Claire County Departments and enables them to better serve their customers.

The mission of the Records Center is to manage the semi-active and inactive records for Eau Claire County.  Records are a vital resource and a large investment that need to be managed, protected, and efficiently utilized by staff.  These records are essential in protecting the interests of Eau Claire County and the interests of County employees in the performance of their job duties.



Dave Hayden
Information Systems Director
Email:  Dave.Hayden

Jeremy Konop
Network Administrator
Email:  Jeremy.Konop

Heidi Pederson
Records Management Coordinator
Email:  Heidi.Pederson

Tom Bilger
PC Technician
Email:  Tom.Bilger

Lynn Burns
Email:  Lynn.Burns

Richard Ender
PC Technician
Email:  Richard.Ender

Bev Larson
Admin Support
Email:  Bev.Larson

Jon Lentz
Email:  Jon.Lentz

Matt Scott
Network Administrator
Email:  Matt.Scott

Richard Steidl
Email:  Richard.Steidl

Mary Jo Wilson
Email:  MaryJo.Wilson


2014 Annual Report