GIS Programs

The Geographic Information System (GIS) program is designed to support the land information needs of the Planning and Development Department, other county departments, local regional and state municipalities, the State of Wisconsin, and the general public through the provision of a variety of land information data electronic files, DC, maps, and interactive intranet and internet web sites.  Its purpose and goal is to make county land information data available and accessible to the public, county staff and other local, state, and federal agencies.

Land Information Officer

The Land Information Officer is the County's representative with the Wisconsin Land Information Program (WLIP).  The WLIP provides financial and technical support to local governments for land records modernization efforts.  The Land Information Officer oversees the preparation of guidelines used to coordinate the modernization of land records and land information; manages gran programs; and participates in the development of countywide plans for land records modernization.  The ultimate goal is a full automated Land Information System that provides the public with easy access to public land information.

The Land Information Officer, with direction from the Land Information Council, is responsible for the publication of the Land Information Plan.  The full plan is available on the Land Information Plan page.

Parcel Mapping

Parcel mapping is the accurate graphical representation of all real estate throughout the County, except for the City of Eau Claire.  The graphical representation is based off the real estate documents that get recorded daily in the Register of Deeds Office.  Mapping also includes the gathering of physical attributes such as rivers, wetlands, and rural roadways from the County's aerial photographs.  Local assessors use these maps to help determine assessment values that are the basis for the establishment of property taxes.  The parcel maps are used daily by numerous individuals and entities for such items as ownership, access, wetlands, and water issues.


Property Addressing

Under this program, the county assigns addresses to existing and new structures in all towns except Union, Washington, and Seymour, according to a uniform addressing system that builds upon the existing addressing system in the City of Eau Claire and these three towns.  The system was developed to facilitate implementation of Enhanced-911, which provides emergency dispatchers with the telephone number and address of a 911 caller calling from a land-line, thus improving emergency response.  The county must continue to assign addresses as long as the E-911 service is in operation.  Hundreds of addresses have been assigned in the last few years.  The number of addresses assigned is increasing as more development occurs in the county.

Property Address Application  (print / fillable)

Aerial Photography Program

Providing up to date aerial photography assures that Eau Claire County continues its development and daily maintenance of its accurate tax parcel-mapping program.
The aerial photographs are the foundation for the delineation of physical attributes such as rivers, wetlands, and rural roadways.  The photographs are used and requested daily by various county staff along with many in the private sector.  The end product is an extremely useful and beneficial tool for all parties that use it.