The Land Use Controls Division is responsible for the administration and enforcement of the zoning code and related programs for the unincorporated areas of Eau Claire County.

The purpose of the zoning code is to:

  • Promote the public health, safety, comfort, convenience and general welfare of the citizens of Eau Claire County,
  • Protect and conserve the natural resources of the county, including agricultural lands, forests, wetlands, surface and groundwater, by conserving the most appropriate use of land,
  • Protect and conserve the social character and economic stability and preserve property values,
  • Prevent the overcrowding of land and undue congestion of population,
  • Provide adequate light, air and convenient access to property by regulating the use of land and buildings and the bulk of structures in relationship to surrounding properties,
  • Facilitate adequate and economic provision of services such as roads, water and sewer, schools, and police and fire protection,
  • Encourage the use of land and buildings which are compatible with nearby existing and planned land uses,
  • Prohibit and control existing land uses deemed incompatible with nearby land uses, and to prevent harm to persons and property by flood, fire, explosion, toxic fumes or other hazards.

Jurisdictional Area of the Comprehensive Zoning Code 

The code is effective in the towns that adopt the Eau Claire County Zoning Code and in the shoreland, wetland, and floodplain areas in unzoned towns.  The code has been adopted by the following nine townships:  Brunswick, Clear Creek, Drammen, Lincoln, Otter Creek, Pleasant Valley, Seymour, Union and Washington.

While not all towns have adopted the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance, the Eau Claire County sanitary, shoreland, floodplain, subdivision, and building ordinances are in effect in all towns.  The shoreland ordinance applies to all properties within 1000 feet of a lake or pond and 300 feet of a river, stream or creek.