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Carpet and foam pads can be recycled with Dreamhouse Interiors in Altoona.  You will need to call to set up a time for the materials to be picked up; there is a small fee associated with carpet/pad recycling.

Dreamhouse InteriorsPad Destined for Recyling Plant
1530 Garfield Ave
Altoona, WI 54720
(715) 830-0759


  • Residential carpet only
  • No commercial carpet, carpet tiles, wet material, rubber back carpet, rubber pad, double stick carpet, double stick pad, and carpet and pad that is glued together
  • Rubber pad is NOT acceptable (distinguishable because it is usually 4 feet wide)
  • Carpet and foam pads need to be prepared before pick-up
    • Rolled carpet cannot exceed a maximum of 5 feet in width and 12-15 feet in length
    • Roll carpet fuzzy side in and duct tape around middle 2 or 3 times
    • Roll pad separately from carpet 
      • Recyclable pad is 6 feet wide; it can be rolled in any length and width, and duct tape it around the middle 2 or 3 times.