Clothing and Footware

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Historically, used clothing has been used in many ways.  Examples including making quilts, as feedstock for paper, for making feed bags, and as dusting rags.  To some extent, these uses still exist today.  However, most clothing re-use today comes either through donations or through consignment and thrift sales.


Men's, women's and children's clothing articles that are in good condition may be donated to the following agencies:

  • Goodwill Industries (715-835-0532, 3605 Gateway Dr., Eau Claire)
  • Savers (715-835-8500, 2833 Mall Drive., Eau Claire)
  • Bethesda Thrift Shop (715-834-7875, 3718 London Rd., Eau Claire) 

Since these agencies do not accept donations every day, it is suggested that you contact them before bringing materials.  Another possibility is to check with local churches to see if they know of any families in need.

Also, the Flying Shuttle Company in Chippewa Falls 715-723-4585 uses fabric from old blue jeans and corduroy pants to make woven rugs.


The following stores in Eau Claire accept clothing on consignment:

  • Encore (715-833-2333, 2928 London Rd); takes women's, junior and misses casual and career clothing and home decor by appointment, only.
  • Once Upon A Time (715-514-4730, 4058 Commonwealth Avenue); takes boy's and girl's infant through size 12, by appointment, only.
  • Plato's Closet (715) 836-7800, 3561 Gateway Dr.); takes teen and young adult style clothing and accessories that are name brands, and in good condition. No appointment needed.