Medical Waste

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The following options are for residents of Eau Claire County only.  Nursing homes, hospice care, businesses, pharmacies, etc. need to find other options.

Prescription Drug Disposal Program

Eau Claire County residents are able to bring any unwanted or expired pills, capsules, salves, creams or liquids to one of the collection locations listed in the table below.  *Note these collections are for households only and are not open to nursing homes, hospice care, businesses, pharmacies, etc.

Drop-Off Location Address Hours of Operation Contact Person Phone

Altoona Police

Altoona Emergency Services Building
1904 Spooner Ave
Altoona, WI 54720
except holidays
Jean Biesecker,
Administrative Assistant,
Altoona Police Department
(715) 839-6090
Augusta Police
Augusta City Hall
145 W. Lincoln St
Augusta, WI 54722
except holidays
Cindy Anderegg,
Deputy Clerk-Treasurer,
City of Augusta
(715) 286-2555
Fall Creek Police
Fall Creek Village Hall
122 E. Lincoln Ave
Fall Creek, WI 54742
except holidays
Renee Roemhild,
Village of Fall Creek
(715) 877-2177
Eau Claire County
Sheriff's Department
Eau Claire County Courthouse
721 Oxford Ave
Eau Claire, WI 54703
except holidays

Matt Michels
Senior Planner,
Eau Claire County

(715) 839-5055

*Some businesses are considered Very Small Quantity Generators (VSQG's) and need to dispose of the materials through a licensed Hazardous Waste Facility and not through the County's program.

To learn if your business falls under this category visit the DNR's website:


All pharmacies in this list have red sharps containers for sale. Unless otherwise noted, all are located in Eau Claire.

Name Phone Address Accept Filled Containers?
Marshfield Clinic          (715) 858-4811 2116 Craig Road. Yes - no charge if new container is purchased; otherwise $4.00.
Mayo Clinic Health System -
Downtown Pharmacy
        (715) 838-1800 325 E. Madison St. Yes - container must have been purchased at Mayo Clinic Health System or there is a small fee.
Mayo Clinic Health System -
Clairemont Pharmacy
       (715) 838-5000 733 W. Clairemont Yes - container must have been purchased at Mayo Clinic Health System or there is a small fee.
Mayo Clinic Health System -
Luther Pharmacy
       (715) 838-6000 1400 Bellinger Yes - container must have been purchased at Mayo Clinic Health System or there is a small fee.
Value Center            (715) 833-6760 Mega Foods Yes - container must have been bought at Value Center or there is a $5.00 fee.
 Shopko           (715) 832-9777 955 W. Clairemont No
Target           (715) 838-0447 3649 S. Hastings No
Wal-Mart           (715) 834-5966 3915 Gateway Dr. No
Walgreens           (715) 834-3121 1819 S. Hastings No
Walgreens          (715) 852-0063 1106 W. Clairemont No
Fall Creek Pharmacy          (715) 877-2994 199 E. Lincoln Fall Creek No
Shong Pharmacy          (715) 286-2515 120 W. Lincoln Augusta No

If you have sharps to dispose of but don't have a red container, the following five steps are recommended:

1) Clip the needle with needle clippers or re-cap or re-sheath the sharps;

2) Place the sharps in a rigid plastic container such as a detergent bottle.  Milk jugs or coffee cans are not acceptable because the plastic jug and plastic lid are too easily punctured;

3) Clearly label the container with words such as "sharps" or "bio-hazard" and the words "Do Not Recycle"'

4) Do not add bleach to the container.  Bleach might not completely disinfect the sharps and it could spill and injure waste handlers when it is opened;

5) Contact one of the pharmacies above to make arrangements to have the sharps safely disposed of.