Mixed Paper/Cardboard

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Eau Claire County accepts the following paper materials:paper recycling

  • Egg cartons
  • Spiral notebooks
  • Paperback books
  • Cereal or cracker boxes
  • Construction paper
  • Office paper
  • Mail
  • Cardboard boxes

Magazines, Newspaper, Catalogs and Phone Books

These items are recycled through both the curbside and drop-off programs.  Materials should be kept clean and dry.  If you bring them to a drop-off in a plastic bag, be sure to empty the bag out and take it home with you.  If you bring them in a grocery bag, then you can recycle the bag along with the other paper.

Cardboard and Boxboard

Corrugated refers to a packaging product with two outside walls and an inner part consisting of paper which is furrowed or ridged most commonly found in heavier shipping boxes.  Dry food boxes and similar materials are referred to as boxboard or paperboard and consist of a mixture of paper, glue, and in some instances, wet-strength additives such as formaldehyde.

To be recycled, cardboard must be clean.  If contaminated with grease, oil, paint, food or coated with wax, they cannot be accepted and should be thrown away.  Packaging materials sometimes found in cardboard boxes such as styrofoam and plastic bags must be removed.

greasy pizza box