Scrap Metal

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There are five scrap metal companies in the Eau Claire area.  These companies accept miscellaneous metal for recycling, including iron, steel, brass, copper and aluminum.  They take large items such as empty tanks and small items like bicycles and lawn mowers.  Some of them also take some major appliances such as stoves and microwave ovens.

  • Cooley Statewide Scrap & Salvage (1230 S 82nd Ave, Eau Claire, 832-7163)
  • Alter Metal (3532 White Ave, Eau Claire, 832-3431)
  • Spickler's (1329 Western Ave, 835-0490)
  • Northern Metal Recycling (8010 Olson Drive, Eau Claire, 834-6677)

In addition, scrap metal boxes are found at three other locations - the Town of Union transfer station, the Town of Seymour recycling site, and the Seven Mile Creek landfill.

scrap metalMisc. Scrap Metal Items

  • aluminum foil (clean)
  • aluminum pie pans (clean)
  • bolts, nuts, screws, & nails
  • door handles
  • hinges
  • lawn chair frames
  • paper clips & staples
  • pots and pans